Personal Injury Basics: What You Need to Know About Filing Suit
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Personal Injury Basics: What You Need to Know About Filing Suit

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2017 | Category: Personal Injury, Firm News |

While personal injury is a very common area of the law, many people lack the vital information necessary for filing a suit. Fortunately for residents of Lexington, KY, the Thompson Law Office can provide a perspective on the process thanks to more than two decades of legal experience. The following are just a few personal injury basics that can be essential if you’ve been the victim of negligence. Claims Vs. Lawsuits Personal injury claims do not always advance to lawsuits. In fact, many claims are settled before they ever reach court. You may be offered a settlement by the other party’s insurance company and, provided this settlement is sufficient for the injuries you incurred, the case can be resolved. However, if compensation does not cover the cost of your injuries, it may be necessary to file suit.Documentation Is Crucial
Personal Injury
Documentation is an important part of the personal injury claim process. Oftentimes if an individual is having complaints or issues related to an accident but fails to seek treatment or follow-up related to the issue, the lack of documentation can diminish your claim by, potentially, thousands of dollars. If your claim does make it to court, you will need to file a summons for the other party to appear. You must also submit paperwork when making a complaint, and this paperwork must contain accurate information and be filed in a timely manner for your case to proceed. Statute of Limitations Will Apply You must also ensure your claim is filed in the allotted time frame to guarantee you’re within the statute of limitations. In Kentucky, claimants have one year from the time when injuries occur or when they are discovered to file their suit. Failure to file within this period will result in your claim being dismissed. From help with DUI convictions to criminal defenses, the lawyers at the Thompson Law Office are dedicated to providing top-rate legal services in Lexington. Learn more about making a personal injury claim by visiting their website to contact them. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, feel free to call (859) 280-2222 today.