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Child Abuse, Neglect and Dependency

Last updated on May 20, 2022

When the Department for Community Based Services (“DCBS”) or the Cabinet for Health and Health and Family Services (CHFS” or “the Cabinet”) investigates your family situation, it can be it can be an emotional and confusing time. It can be even more traumatic to you and your family if the Cabinet removes those children from your home. There are a number of things you need to know about Cabinet Involvement:

  • If the Cabinet brings a case involving your children, you have the right to have your interests represented by an attorney.
  • If a DNA (Dependency, Neglect, or Abuse) case is brought against you, it does not necessarily mean that you are being charged with a crime. As these cases are not criminal cases, be wary of attorneys who do primarily criminal law giving you legal advice.
  • Having an attorney even before the removal, during the “investigation” is crucial to protecting your rights and making sure everything can be done to keep your family together .

With over 20 combined years of experience with Cabinet cases, and having represented parties in over 1,000 such cases, the attorneys of Thompson Law Office are very familiar with the process. You need representation that not only knows the legal process, but knows the Court and Cabinet system.

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