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Understand Your Rights After A DUI/DWI

Last updated on May 27, 2022

At the Thompson Law Office, we are committed to defending your freedom. When you are facing drunk driving charges, you may think that you have to accept your fate and take whatever punishment the court hands down to you. Pop culture has created a number of myths about how drunk driving offenses are handled by the criminal justice system. Learn more about your rights and avenues for your defense today by contacting our firm.

A Failed Breath Test Is Not A Conviction

You have a right to due process, despite law enforcement’s recommendation that you ‘just pay the fine.’ If you’ve been cited for alcohol or substance-related driving offense, let us explain your rights and defend you against these charges.

In some cases, the evidence collected against you is the result of an invalid search and seizure. Our experience and knowledge in search and seizure law mean we will analyze the case against you and ensure improperly obtained evidence is not used against you.

A Conviction Is Not Cut And Dry

If you have been convicted of an alcohol or substance-related traffic violation, our familiarity with DUI law helps us in working to minimize the punishment you face. It may even be possible for you to acquire a hardship license following your suspension.

Evidence Of Marijuana In Your System Does Not Make You Guilty Of A DUI

Most drugs stay in your system long after their influencing effect has stopped. You need a criminal defense attorney who knows what “under the influence truly knows.” At the Thompson Law Office, we know the law, and we know what evidence should be presented to a jury to prove your innocence. The government may claim that your blood/breath/urine test came back “positive” but, they need to prove that claim beyond a reasonable doubt. Our Lexington-based firm can help you tell the jury the truth about “influence.”

You Have A Right To An Independent Test At Your Own Expense

You do not have to agree to submit to the breath or blood test that law enforcement asks you to take. While a “refusal” can possibly result in a lengthier license suspension, it can also mean the difference between providing the government with the evidence they need for a conviction versus an acquittal.

Even if you submit to their tests, you have an absolute right to your own test at your own expense. A failure by law enforcement to advise you of this right or, to refuse your request to take you to get this test done can possibly mean the suppression of any evidence seized by the government, including the results of the breath test. The Thompson Law Office will fight to make sure your rights are protected and help to keep you on the road.

Defend Your 4th Amendment Rights

Thompson Law Office is led by the skilled brother-sister attorney duo of Edward M. Thompson and Dori Thompson. Our family legal team is dedicated to helping families across Kentucky defend their rights and protect themselves from unfair or invalid charges. To schedule a consultation, give us a call at 859-280-2222 or use our convenient online form.