The Danger of DIY Divorce
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The Danger of DIY Divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2018 | Categories: Divorce, Family Law, Firm News |

Cheap online “do it yourself” divorce kits seem like a good idea, particularly if you and your spouse are in agreement.  However, there are inherent hazards and dangers associated with the kits.  Thompson Law Office can quickly help with an uncontested divorce or even if it is contested.

Online “fill in the blank” divorce kits that you can purchase are rarely accepted by the Court in Central Kentucky.  The judge fortunately wants to know that all of the laws and rules are met prior to granting a divorce.  However, just because the do-it-yourself kits often do not work, it does not mean that a couple cannot obtain a quick and easy divorce.

In today’s culture, the word “divorce” often brings up mental images of long, drawn-out court battles and exorbitant legal fees.  However, every divorce is as unique as the clients themselves.  Thompson Law Office is experienced in handling all types of divorces.

Many times, the divorcing couple has already agreed to how they wish to divide the marital estate and simply need the paperwork to make it legal.  This is referred to as an “uncontested divorce”.  On the other end of the spectrum is the “contested divorce”, where ownership and/or control of anything and everything is up for debate.  Regardless of how simple or complex your divorce is and where it ends up falling on that spectrum, Thompson Law Office is here to help guide you through it.

Uncontested Divorce Made Easy

Thompson Law Office makes it easy to get started, no matter what type of divorce you and your spouse will have, .  Just visit our website and complete our confidential online divorce questionnaire.  This will provide our office with all of the information we need to get your divorce started for you.  Someone from our office will contact you within one (1) business day to discuss your particular needs and work with you to get the process started.

Once we have started the process, the Thompsons will work with you to guide you through this difficult time.  They will review your financial situation with you and advise you as to what you are entitled to under Kentucky law.

Should you prefer a pen and paper questionnaire, please click here to print the online questionnaire. Or, you can call us at (859) 280-2222 to set up a consultation.

Should your divorce be “uncontested” we streamline the process such that your divorce will be as painless as possible.  Our retainer for an uncontested case is affordable and easily understood.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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